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Thank you for joining our beta!
Written by Adam Stinson
Updated 1 year ago

Hello there, 

Thank you for giving a try, we really appreciate it! 

Please note that we are still very early into building this tool. We only started working on it about 5 weeks ago. 

Our tool is here to help you send customized emails. As of now, we only support plain text emails. 

As all emails are sent from your Gmail. To do so, you will need to generate a Gmail App Password. Also, there are no specific limits in terms of how many emails you can send. The limits are based on your Gmail and domain, this means you can send around 250 emails per day. 

Here is how to get started:

1. Visit:

2. Verify your email/account 

3. Generate a Gmail App Password. 
- You will be required to use 2 Step verification 
- It should just take a minute, the following video might help:

4. You're now ready to start using! 

5. Next, we recommend visiting your profile to make sure the timezone is the one you would like. You can do so by visiting:

6. You can then create a contact group.

7. After creating a contact group, you can import a list of contacts to that group. You have the option to manually add contacts or bulk import them via a cvs. 
Bulk import:

8. Once you have a list of contacts imported, you can create your email template.
Your templates:

Important note regarding variables:
Please make sure to type them in without any caps. 
Ex: {name}, {email}, {website}, etc

9. Now that your timezone is saved, contacts are imported and your email template is created you can create your first email sequence. 

10. You can now find all your sequences and analytics below. 

That's about it for now!

We will be improving the platform quite a lot in the coming months 🚀

We'd love to hear your feedback or any suggestions you may have. 
You can email us at or visit

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