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How to install Qlearly on Firefox
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 1 year ago

Hello There,

Thank you for being interested to use Qlearly on Firefox. 

Unfortunately, Firefox was asking for a bit too much so instead you will need to download the extension and install it as a Add-on yourself. Don't worry, this is quite easy to do!

Here is how to do so: 

1. Download the Firefox version from this page.

2. Copy & Paste the following shortcut on Firefox:

3. Click on 'Load Temporary Add-on' 

4. Upload the Zip. file you downloaded in Step #1

That's it, you are all set 😎

If you had an issue with Step 2, here is how to get to it:

Step 2, Part A: Click on 'Add-Ons'

Step 2, Part B: Click on 'Debug Add-Ons'

Step 2, Part C: Click on 'Load Temporary Add-on'

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