How to remove Qlearly's paywall after upgrading?

If you are still seeing a paywall, this article should help.
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 1 year ago

Hello there,

Thank you very much for upgrading, it is very kind of you to support Qlearly.

You can currently upgrade in a few ways. 

- Within the extension by clicking the home icon and clicking on 'billing/plans'.

- By visiting (checkout via Gumroad).

- By visiting the Gumroad shop directly.

If you upgraded within the extension, with a card: the paywall should disappear right away. If this did not work, try the following:

The link you are currently on is: chrome-extension://aicaflgmmblfaneodjfhkilgplnpjmig/index.html?page=trial-expire

Try to remove 'everything' after html or copy paste the link below: 


If you upgraded via or Gumroad: Please note I will need to manually upgrade your account within 24 hours. You will receive an email confirmation when it is done. Once your account has been upgraded, you can either: 

- Uninstall the extension and reinstall it.

- Or try to copy paste and visit the following link:

If the above does not work for you, please do not hesitate to reach out and I will make sure to look into it.
My email is: or visit:

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