2021: Frequent Questions & Issues

Here is a breakdown of the most common issues lately.
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 8 months ago

Hello there,

To make it easy for you, here is an article with the most common issues and questions these past few months. (Updated in June 2021)

As much as we would like Qlearly to be perfectly stable, without a single bug, it is not easy to get to this. However, we are always trying our best. 

Below are some common issues these days:

Qlearly 4.0

We are getting ready to ship Qlearly 4.0 which will be connected to a new server. It will allow you to access the auto sync between devices or teammates. 

As soon as it is published, I will add the link here. 

Qlearly 3.0

- As of now, we have removed the free tier from the main version of Qlearly.
You can still use Qlearly for free by installing Qlearly basic instead. 

- If you have upgraded and still see the trial window, please try to uninstall and re-install the extension. If this doesn't work, please do reach out to guillaume@qlearly.com and I will re-upgrade your account. 

- Qlearly 3.0 and above has a few new features such as automated backups, sort by, remove duplicates, custom fonts, updated notes and more. 

- If you are interested to upgrade or to gift a Qlearly license to someone, you can save 25% by using SAVE25. 

- If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to reach out: guillaume@qlearly.com

I can't log into my account? 

- Try to visit Qlearly.com, if it is not loading properly it means our server is currently down. It should be back up quite soon. If it has been over an hour, feel free to reach out to guillaume@qlearly.com, I will make sure to fix it. 

I believe I lost bookmarks or see duplicates. What should I do?

- I am sorry this happened, I am trying my best to fix this bug. Do not delete any of the duplicates just yet. It should get fixed by itself by simply logging out and logging back in. This has worked for almost everyone.
- If this didn't work, you can try to uninstall/reinstall the extension or try to install Qlearly Basic or Qlearly Light.
- To remain on the safe side, you can also backup your boards.

Qlearly on Firefox:

- As of now, our Firefox extension will need to be re-installed every time you close the browser. Firefox was asking us to remove quite a few features, we will get to it soon and get it republished! 

The new version should be published by August 2021 or sooner. 

Syncing bookmarks (Between browsers/devices):

- We are getting ready to ship the 4.0 version which will fix this. We will make sure to add the link here once it is published. 

- In the meantime, due to our server capacity we had to switch to a manual sync instead. This means you need to click 'sync' on each device. You can learn more here.

Sharing boards with teammates:

- Make sure your teammate is registered on Qlearly prior to sending the invite. They will receive the invite in their inbox, and they simply need to click on 'Accept Invitation'. Please note it could take up to around 15 minutes for the board to show. You can learn more here.

Sharing boards publicly: 

- If you made a quick list and need to share it publicly, here is how. Please note this feature is currently down and should be fixed soon. 

Don't want Qlearly to open in your new tab? 

- No worries, we completely understand! Simply install 'Qlearly Light' instead, which is the same exact extension with this feature turned off. Your new tab will be back to Google or whichever extension you have as your default new tab. 

What is the best discount you have available?

- As of now, the highest discount we have available is SAVE25 to save 25%. You can find out more about our pricing here: https://Qlearly.com/pricing

What's next for Qlearly? 

- We have a lot on the way for the 4.0 version and above.

Such as:
An iOS and Android version, A new Firefox version, a Safari version. 

Additionally, we plan to ship new features such as: 
Automated backups, additional board layouts, custom icons and color codes, custom backgrounds and themes, calm mode, improving tasks and notes, all the way to a self-hosted version and much more. 


I hope this will help a bit. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email is: Guillaume@qlearly.com or https://Qlearly.com/contact

Thank you,


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