Qlearly - October 2021 (Update)

Written by Adam Stinson
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Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

As we are focusing on the new 4.0 version, Chrome has taken down the 3.0 version as some features are no longer allowed. 

We are hoping to get it published again, however, in the meantime this article should help navigate this issue and onboard the new and faster version. 
Here is the link to Qlearly 4.0.

1 - Backing up your data from Qlearly 3.0 & importing it on Qlearly 4.0:
To make it easy for you, you can create a backup by visiting the following link. To import the file on the 4.0 version, simply click the home icon (top left) and visit the backup section. You will see a button to 'upload' the file. 
Link: https://qlearly.com/v3backup

2 - Getting your Qlearly 4.0 account upgraded:
Most discount codes have been imported, however, if you do not have a code or your code is no longer working you can request manual upgrade here.

3 - Can't login to Qlearly 4.0
When it comes to Qlearly 4.0 it is on a new server. This means you will be required to create a new account. Feel free to use the same email as before. 
If you have paid for a lifetime license, don't worry we will get it manually upgraded for you. Point #2 should help. 

4 - Password reset not working  
If you are encountering an issue with a password reset, it is likely because you logged in with your Google/Gmail account. 
Or you are trying to login to Qlearly 4.0 with the login from Qlearly 3.0

5 - Still have an unresolved problem?
As we want to make sure we don't miss it, please use the following form to submit a 'ticket' request. Our inbox is quite busy these days and we don't want to miss your request. 

6 - Qlearly 4.0 on Firefox/iOS/Android? 
We are working on the Firefox version for Qlearly 4.0 and still plan to ship an iOS and Android version as soon as possible. 

I hope this will help a bit. This seems to be most of the questions I am seeing in our inbox, we will add additional points here if we notice anything worth mentioning. 

Thank you,

Guillaume | Guillaume@qlearly.com 

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