A feature I am personally really excited to have is being able to create a public link for others to see your board or even a specific column. It will always remain updated, the user will just need to give it a refresh.

Tip: I will create an article on this soon, I also use it to access a board on my phone. I saved it to my home screen and I can access it in one click. It makes it easy to access specific articles or websites on the go. You just need to open the link you created on your phone and save it. 

Public Boards: Simply click on 'Share board' followed by 'Create link' 😎

Public Columns: You will need to click on the three dots next to the column name, followed by 'Create Link' 🙏

If you encounter any issue, or If you have any questions or feedbacks please don't hesitate to reach out.

Email: guillaume@qlearly.com / Twitter: @Guillaumebardet 🙂

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