You made it here? That is exciting! It is awesome to have you. I'll try to keep it brief.   

As a way to avoid making Qlearly feel very restrictive, we put together five ways for you to quickly save tabs/bookmarks. You might think it is crazy, confusing, or a waste of time. However, the way we see it is we are in such early beta stages we shouldn't restrict you to do this one specific way.

In no specific order, here's the five options;

  1. By clicking 'Current Tabs' you can to drag and drop a specific tab into your board. 

2. By clicking the save button, you can save an entire session in one click.

3. After clicking on the extension icon, you will notice a dropdown. You can then select a specific board/column and click 'Save Tabs'. You do not need to be on a board to use this option. (Please note I noticed a few small issues that I am fixing for this one)

4. This option allows you to manually add a specific link. To use this option, simply click on 'Add' within a column.

5. The last option allows you to save a page using your right click. This is good to save a single tab to a specific column when you are browsing around.

If you encounter any issue, or If you have any questions or feedbacks please don't hesitate to reach out.

Email: / Twitter: @Guillaumebardet 🙂

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