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A few have asked about a way to keep Momentum or other extensions as your new tab while using Qlearly. After looking into this, we have found a solution you could use until we release a 'light' version. 

To avoid anything from going wrong please make sure to register on the extensions you are using. This will avoid any of your data to be lost throughout the upcoming steps. 

Here is three helpful links you will need.

Chrome Settings
Chrome Extension
Chrome Web Store

For this to work, you will need to un-install the extension you want to use as your new tab

After the extension is re-installed, you can now log back in. 

When opening a new tab, It should now show the last extension installed

As an example, you can have Momentum and Qlearly installed. All while keeping Momentum as your new tab. Here's the result:

If you encounter any issue, or If you have any questions or feedbacks please don't hesitate to reach out.

Email: guillaume@qlearly.com / Twitter: @Guillaumebardet 🙂

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