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What is the difference between Partners and Discounts?

Learn more about the difference between our partners and the discounts available.
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 11 months ago

Thank you for being interested to learn more about the bundle.

Here is a little bit more information on the difference between our partners and the discounts we offer.

Partners: When it comes to partners, four of them are included in your subscription (GetResponse, HelpCrunch, Vectera, Qlearly) and two others are offering you free months and credits (Twist, 1Password).

Discounts: Additionally, we wanted to give discounts for many others great tools we believe a high percentage of our subscribers could really benefit from. However, for the discounts you will need to subscribe to them separately. By potentially getting your feedback on the tools you use the most or are likely to use the most, we could see which tools should really be included within the subscription. Full list: FoundersBundle.com/partners

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