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What is The Founders Bundle?

Learn moer about The Founders Bundle.
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 10 months ago

Thank you for being interested to learn more about The Founders Bundle. If you have been working on your own company, side project, all the way to being a-part of a startup, you have likely noticed the ever growing amount of tools you are using.

I decided to email back and forth with companies about potentially joining a bundle. After getting on many calls and digging into the details we realized it would be a bit time consuming, and hard to get everyone involved within the paid subscription.

Instead, we believe it will be better to slowly grow the list based on what is suggested by the subscribers. The subscription will currently include 4 partners (GetResponse, HelpCrunch, Vectera and Qlearly) and credits towards 1Password, Twist and many others.

Additionally, we wanted to give discounts for many others great tools we believe a high percentage of our subscribers could really benefit from. By potentially getting your feedback on the tools you use the most or are likely to use the most, we could see which tools should really be included within the subscription. All of this and more is what we are hoping to learn during this beta, which is currently limited at 500 subscribers.

This is also why we are holding off just a bit on building a backend for your account and our own payment system for now. We will have this ready by April 2020. As of now, we will be using Paddle to manage the subscriptions. We will manually reach out with the list of codes and additional helpful information within 24 hours.

Some may call this a beta, others an MVP. However, something I have learned is if someone is willing to go through a bit of an unfamiliar process to access what you are offering, it is a good way to tell you have something good on your hands.

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