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How to remove Qlearly's paywall after upgrading?

If you are still seeing a paywall, this article should help.
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 11 months ago

Hello there,

Thank you very much for upgrading, it is very kind of you to support Qlearly.

You can currently upgrade in a few ways. 

- Within the extension by clicking the home icon and clicking on 'billing/plans'.

- By visiting Qlearly.com (checkout via Gumroad).

- By visiting the Gumroad shop directly.

If you upgraded within the extension, with a card: the paywall should disappear right away. If this did not work, try the following:

The link you are currently on is: chrome-extension://aicaflgmmblfaneodjfhkilgplnpjmig/index.html?page=trial-expire

Try to remove 'everything' after html or copy paste the link below: 


If you upgraded via Qlearly.com/pricing or Gumroad: Please note I will need to manually upgrade your account within 24 hours. You will receive an email confirmation when it is done. Once your account has been upgraded, you can either: 

- Uninstall the extension and reinstall it.

- Or try to copy paste and visit the following link:

If the above does not work for you, please do not hesitate to reach out and I will make sure to look into it.
My email is: guillaume@qlearly.com or visit: Qlearly.com/contact

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