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Qlearly September Update

Important Update for Qlearly Users
Written by Guillaume Bardet
Updated 8 months ago

Hello There,

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. You may have noticed our site being down, or the login not working properly.

As some of you already know, our AWS bill went from $200+ to $2,200+ within one month. As we know this won't be sustainable, we are switching to Linode instead. Not only will it be cheaper, but everything should work the same, if not better for $80 a month which is an insane difference. 

We hope to have everything working again by Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

● Unfortunately, our emails (guillaume@qlearly.com, info@qlearly.com) and others have not been working as well. I am sorry if you tried to reach out.
● We are also going to start using a new chat system (which is only showing on our website for now until the next update is shipped). If you need to reach out you can find this new chat on the bottom right of this page.
● And finally, we are also going to have a new help center. For now it can be accessed by visiting: https://Qlearly.crunch.help/v2

If you have any questions or concerns. I would suggest emailing us, however, as mentioned above our email inboxes are still not working. Please use the chat instead, and keep in mind our timezone is: EST. 

On a positive note, the 2.9.5 version will be shipped within about 10 days. It includes quite a few bug fix, and general feature and design improvements which we believe you will appreciate!

Some of the things that will be included in this update are:

● Search: Showing boards and notes in the results.
● 'Boards' button: Splitting results by folders.
● New design for most settings.
● Save internal files (Finally).
● 'Remember Me' login.
And a lot more!

We are again very sorry about this and are very thankful for all the people willing to stick around through issues like this.

Please avoid logging in/out, or saving new bookmarks until everything is sorted out. Any adjustments you make until then will likely not be saved properly.

If you have any questions, please use the chat showing on your right. 

Guillaume | @Guillaumebardet

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